Tax code declaration (IR330)

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The IR330 is a form for employees to select their tax code.

If you're a contractor receiving schedular payments you'll need to complete a Tax rate notification for contractors (IR330C). You'll find more information around the IR330C and schedular payments on our website (external link)

When do you use this form?

You use this form whenever you start a new job or need to change your tax code (eg you finish paying off your student loan). You need a separate IR330 form for each job that you have.

How do you fill it out?

You can complete a Tax code declaration (IR330) (external link) online at our website. You can type the content directly into the document and then print it out, but you won't be able to save the information online. You can also get a paper copy of the form from your employer or by calling us on 0800 227 774.

You'll need to fill in some personal details, including your IRD number.

Choose only one tax code from the form.

If you need help with choosing the right tax code you can:

What do you do with it?

Sign the IR330 and give to your employer.

You may wish keep a copy of the form for your personal records.

What if you choose the wrong tax code?

If you're not using the correct tax code it's likely that you'll have tax to pay at the end of the tax year.

While it's your responsibility to choose the correct tax code, if you choose the wrong one, we'll write to your employer, requesting them to change it to the correct code.

If you disagree with this change, you can call us on 0800 227 774.

How will this affect you?

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