What if you don't pay the right amount of income tax?

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If you haven't paid enough

If you owe tax, and have received a personal tax summary or filed an individual income tax return, you must pay the amount owing by 7 February of the following year. We've made it really easy to meet your tax obligations - you can make tax payments (external link) electronically through your bank, by credit or debit card, or by cheque.

If you don't pay the full amount of your tax on time, you are liable for any penalties that may apply - so it's best to make sure your tax is all paid up by the due date.

If you've paid too much

Most people pay the right tax and don’t need to do anything at the end of the year but if you suspect you've paid too much tax or have received a tax credit (formerly rebate), you might be entitled to a refund.

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