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Employment and career

Student Job Search (external link) - helps you find work

Career Services (external link) - career information, advice and planning


Sorted (external link) - organising your money

Sorted Students (external link) - helping students organise their money

KiwiSaver (external link) - saving for your retirement


Tearaway (external link) - Jet, Y-Dub


Inland Revenue (external link) - tax and social policy services

Te Kete Ipurangi (external link) - tax education and citizenship online resource for teachers and students

Ministry of Education (external link) - policy advice to the Government

Ministry of Social Development (external link) - social services

Ministry of Youth Development (external link) - policies, programmes and services that concern young people in New Zealand

Local Government New Zealand (external link) - policy, advice and training to councils

Accident Compensation Corporation (external link) - New Zealand's accident compensation scheme

The Treasury (external link) - the Government's lead advisor on economic and financial policy

Department of Labour (external link) - social and economic services across the labour market