Phil and Anna: receiving Working for Families Tax Credits

Picture of Phil and Anna with their son Ben

Phil and Anna are a young couple with a two year old son named Ben. They saw a TV ad explaining that Working for Families Tax Credits are paid by the Government to parents and caregivers, to help families with the costs of raising their children. Phil and Anna were interested to see if they were eligible for any tax credits, so Anna checks out the What's Tax? website.

Anna looks at Working for Families Tax Credits, under the Everything you need to know section, and reads that tax credits are paid to all eligible families with children 18 or younger, to help with the family's day-to-day living costs.

Anna also reads that eligibility is based on her and Phil's combined total income, and that she can use an online calculator (external link) to see what they are entitled to. Anna then applies online using the Working for Families Tax Credits registration (external link) form.